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Just the delivery room ?

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    Matty did they say anything about you leaving early? It was a nightmare getting released in Canada. We pretty much ran out of there as soon as I thought they wouldn't call the cops on us.

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    Getting released from QMH the first time was easy.
    I told the nurse I wanted to go home, and all I had to do was wait until the Dr's did rounds so that both me and the baby were given the all clear.
    I called my husband and off we went.

    The 2nd time at PWH there was abit more of a fuss.
    They were concerned about weightloss in my BF baby (he was 4kg so not much danger of him fading away) so after a bit of discussion I was discharged on the condition that I bring him back the next day for a weight check.
    They really didn't want to discharge me because he wasn't formula fed (bizarre I know) but in the end they couldn't keep me there if I wanted to go.

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