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natural birth in HK

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    natural birth in HK

    Hi all,
    My delivery with my first child (in the US) was a difficult one that left me feeling that laboring on my back and with an epidural is not optimal for me. I am taking the Annerly hypnobirthing class and hoping I can avoid the epidural this time. But I am a bit nervous about how doctor and hospital policies will work for or against me. I am delivering at Adventist and my dr. is Dr. Stevenson. I am really hoping I will be able to move around, squat, be on hands and knees or get into whatever positions I need to do manage contractions and keep things moving. I know they have the jacuzzi tub at Adventist so I hope that is something I can do. Does Adventist do electronic monitoring automatically or can I stay off the monitors? Will they put me on an IV right away? How supportive are the midwives at Adventist of natural/drug free birth?

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    Your hypnobirthing tutor at Annerley will possibly be able to answer these questions for you, as they know which drs are supportive and what to expect from hospital midwives. Also, when you do your birthplan which Annerley will help you with, take this to Dr Stevenson and go through it with him. You can also send a copy to Adventist and tell them to keep it on file. Then when you go in for your baby's birth, talk through the birth plan with the midwife. I delivered at Matilda and did all of this and my wishes were respected and the hypnobirthing worked.

    Best of luck!

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