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Feedback on Dr. Thondup/Dr. Fuong

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    dr thondup

    in the past i have been one of Dr thondup's biggest fans. I have posted on here singing his praises. a few incidents recently have left me less convinced and i think it all boils down to the fact that he is simply too busy.

    In my experience he is especially brilliant with really young babies and mum's with really young babies.
    And for routine appointments - vaccinations, general checkups etc i think he is great although of course expensive.

    However he recently missed a few things when my 8month old was ill that resulted in a perforated ear drum overnight when i had seen him just that day. He also didn't take same 8month olds bronchiolitis seriously enough and things got quite bad. I saw another doctor at matilda for a second opinion who I felt handled the situation much better, asked more questions, listened more to what i had to say and gave appropriate treatment.

    Just last week he handed lollies/candies directly to my 3yr old the moment we walked into his office without asking why we were there or if i minded. My son had been vomiting every 10mins for the previous 9 hours. candy was definitely not appropriate.

    I'm quite torn and really not sure now what i think of him. I was always able to look past how rushed & late he is but now not so sure. I'm sure I'll still see him but the 3 things in a short space of time mean that I am less inclined to see him in less routine situations when the kids are actually quite sick

    I have no exp with Dr Fuong so no comment there.

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    Lucylou is offline Registered User
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    I have recently changed from using Dr Thondup for a number of reasons.He is always running late and then rushes your appointment in order to catch up.* When my daughter had an 8mth check up he didn't do it thoroughly enough for my liking.* I complained and he saw her again for a more thorough examination free of charge.* We also took her for her MMR and he refused to give her the vaccination as we were due to travel the following week - all well, but still charged us for the consultation!!* I also had to call him out of hours when my daughter was very unwell.* It sounded like he was out and he dismissed my worries with 'oh, just give her calpol' - she was really quite ill.I have also heard of other stories of him not noticing illnesses.* I am sure it is because he is too stretched and is needed here, there and everywhere at the same time.* I have waited up to 45 minutes for an appointment as he was caught up at the Matilda.I am now seeing a family GP who is fantastic and I wouldn't go back.

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    snagito is offline Registered User
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    Dr Ruilin Fong is gentle and thorough with children. She is also very calm. Another plus is that at the Lucy Lord Practice in Central, you are rarely kept waiting longer than 10 - 15 minutes (at least in my experience)

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