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Pulling away and biting down during BFing??

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    Pulling away and biting down during BFing??

    I am still BFing exclusively at home and giving EBM via bottle when I am away at work. Usually I will offer my bb one side and when that seems empty, offer the other side. However recently everytime she latches on the other side, she will pull away hard, clamp down hard on my nipple and basically just struggling away, making grunting noises!! Or somethimes she just suck for a very short while ( less than 2mins) then unlatches and smiles at me!! But after she unlatches, she will mouth for the nipple away and then the cycle repeats... I am not sure why she is starting to react this way? will appreciate if anyone has similar experience, she is 4 months old now

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    This is really normal behaviour for a four month old, especially when they aren't really hungry.

    Rather than offering the second side wait until she asks for it. This might mean that she feeds in courses, having the first side, then playing for half an hour then having the second side.

    Four month olds are easily distracted and changing sides could be enough to stop her feeding and want to start playing. And although you don't view pulling away and even biting as playing it can be to a four month old - it usually gets an impressive reaction from mum!

    Best wishes,

    La Leche League Leader

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    Just one thing I'd like to add; you mentioned that when your first side 'seems" empty you change to the other side. It's a good idea to let baby decide when she's done at the first breast; if the milk flow is very slow she'll stop by herself, otherwise you can assume she's still happily taking milk.

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