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New Zealand by campervan with young children

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    New Zealand by campervan with young children

    Has anyone done this and if so, what was your experience like? We have a 2 year old and an 8 month old and are considering touring NZ south island by campervan for 10 days.

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    i just toured australia in a campervan for a month with two kids...almost 4 yr and almost 2 yr.

    in some ways, it was great... in others, it wasn't so...

    STAY AWAY FROM MAUI....go for APPOLLO, if you can. we rented a maui and although it was ok... i saw an appollo and it was MUCH better... more storage, nicer fittings etc.

    don't even consider it with a 4 berth. 6 berth is a MUST!

    if you can afford it, go for one that has a shower/toilet

    in some ways, it was terrific. we didn't have to keep packing and unpacking as you would if you stayed in hotels. but the biggest problem was parking... finding a place to park if you wanted to tour the city was VERY, VERY VERY difficult. we didn't even try to see the sights in brisbane or melbourne. in sydney, we took public transportation all the time.

    another thing to consider is this:

    i, the mum, was the driver. the way the motorhome was set up, i had a "wall" behind me, as such, i couldn't see my kids nor hear them when they talked to me. my hubby had to be the go-between constantly. it was nerve-wracking to say the least. also, the motorhomes are quite noisy when you drive, they sound like you are in a tin can. so, even if i could have seen them, i still couldn't have hear them. the other problem is, if it rains, you are in a very confined space. there's no place for the kids to let loose.

    with kids as young as mine, i would definitely do it again. but as i said, i'd book with appollo. i wouldn't do maui again.

    good luck and have fun!

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    My friends just started their 5 month tour of New Zealand and Australia with their 2 yo and new born baby! I think it should be fine for 10 days, pretty easy to plan and organize. We did a 2 1/2 road trip from Chicago to New Orleans last year (staying in regular hotels) with 3 kids and that was also pretty doable, even though it was pretty cold in the north. Just plan accordingly.

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    You will find NZ incredibly easy to travel within by camper, especially the south island. Be warned the weather can be a bit variable even in summer though, depending on where are you and when.

    Parking will be no problem, in the cities or countryside - the south Island is pretty underpopulated... Great camping sites with wonderful facilities are everywhere, if you want to pull up for a few days also.

    Would recommend Queenstown, Wanaka, driving up the West Coast to Nelson/Blenheim (wine country) and the Able Tasman National Park. There are some great lakes also along the way and whale watching in Kaikora.

    Christchurch (larger) and Dunedin (great nature attractions like albatrosses and penguins) are the two main cities. Both have their positives, but with kids you prob want to spend most of your time in the smaller towns and countryside I think.

    10 days is enough to fit in most of the highlights if you decide on what you really want to see and don't try to do too much (too much driving on single lane roads will be dull for the kids).

    Have fun, NZ is very kid friendly - pretty safe and people will go out of their way to help you (esp in the countryside, small towns).

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