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HK and the financial crisis

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    HK and the financial crisis

    We are trying to make our way back to HK and I wanted to get an idea how HK is coping with the credit crunch?
    * Are many of your friends leaving?
    * Is it because they have lost their jobs, decided to return to their home country or found other work because they didn't want to sit out the crisis?
    * From what you are seeing what sectors are being hit? Is it only the financial ones or are you noticing other areas too?
    * What advice do you have for someone wanting to return to HK?

    Many thanks

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    my only advice...
    HURRY UP we miss you!!!
    ps> hubby has been extremely busy with clients' who are moving away and their dogs are staying until quaranteen is organised/ passed

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    Just heard from a school( just upto 6 YEARS old) that a lot of their kids are leaving.The school probably caters to mostly parents working in financial sector.

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    we have two friends who have lost their jobs, and none have left hong kong.

    while many businesses, from sports to spas are feeling the pinch, from talking to parents, it seems families are willing to forgo things like specialty things like cakes at parties, saying, "forget the frills..i'd rather save the money and make it myself".

    most of our friends would rather sit out the crisis here than in the uk or north america.

    no real advice...but welcome back.

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