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Thoughts on living in Bel-Air with kids? Also, Belair on The Peak vs. Bel-Air No. 8

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    Thoughts on living in Bel-Air with kids? Also, Belair on The Peak vs. Bel-Air No. 8

    Hi all,

    We recently moved to Hong Kong from Tokyo. I am a returnee (left HK over 23 years ago) while my DH is from the US which is where we met and spent the first half of our marriage. Anyhow, we are seriously considering moving to Bel-Air as our children, esp our toddler son is used to having a wonderful park very close to our apartment in Tokyo and LOVES being outside and playing with other kids. In addition, our son has some lung issues so we are hoping the air in Bel-Air is a little better than a lot of other places. We decided against South Island because it is too far for my DH's commute. Pokfulam is not ideal for his commute either but at least he won't be stuck in one lane windy roads most of the time.

    Anyway, I wanted to see what people thought about Bel-Air and to see if anyone has thoughts about Bel-Air on the Peak vs. Bel-Air No. 8.

    Do people really use facilities in other phases? The tennis courts are in Phase 2 and my DH loves tennis. Are the tennis courts hard to book? Also, I don't think they have indoor tennis courts do they?


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    Dear Sonia
    I live in Bel Air on the Peak with my Husband, and we have a 1 year old. We have been here for 5 months and love it. I have found we have met many people here, especially with kids, and also spend a lot of time down in Phase 2 club house. There are mums and bubs groups down there so we are there at least once a week. We have not yet booked tennis courts as yet, but can see them from our apartment. They appear to only be used less than half the time, and they do have night lights for night time tennis too, so I assume it wouldn't be too hard to get onto a court. There are no indoor tennis courts, but there are also badminton courts inside Phase 2 as well so this would be another option.
    My husband works in Central. He catches a cab to and from there every day which works well. In peak hour, it may take 20 - 25 minutes (non peak much less). There is a cab rank in our Phase so it is very easy to catch a cab from here, we have never had an issue. There is also a free bus from Bel Air that goes to Shun Tak Centre, and this can take around half hour.
    We have walked around the grounds of No 8, and my husband has inspected a two bed apartment for one of his staff. He said they look slightly more modern than 'peak' but same layout and size. In saying this, I think our apartment in 'Peak' is still exceptionally modern. We have all mod cons, like 5 air conditioners (in our 3 bed apartment), dishwasher, in built steamer, microwave, towell warmers, electronic heating & temp control for water, big oven etc.
    We love walking into Cyberport through the park, and enjoy the outdoor areas at Phases 1 - 3. We also visit the Podium level in Cyberport (where Le Meridian is) which is also extremely popular for kids.
    We are very happy with our choice of location, and can't imagine moving any time in the near future.
    Good luck, please let me know if you have any queries.

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    We have just moved from Bel-Air to Mid-Levels.

    We loved the fit-out of the apartments, but rarely use the facilities and found it a bit too inconvenient. Everything is a bus ride or taxi ride away, even the Park n' Shop is a good 15 minute walk away. The place feels a bit remote to be honest - there's nowhere close by for coffee / brunch etc.

    If you are looking to make friends etc then I would suggest another location to be honest.

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    Hi Hi

    My name is Grace and I just move in bel-air phase 4 last week with my husband! I love this place specially the park area and I believe this place is perfect for babe and children as you can see there is MANYS kids around this area so it must be a reason ^_^ wish you enjoy your new life in HK

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