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VBAC at QMH.....anyone?

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    VBAC at QMH.....anyone?

    I am looking to get in contact with anyone who has had a successful or unsuccesful VBAC at Queen Mary.
    After a previous CS, I have been given the choice of a CS at 38 weeks, or waiting for labour. (I cannot be induced for medical reasons.......).
    I am a big believer in VBAC - however, I have several friends who have all attempted labour at QMH, been poorly managed, and ended up with emergency CS, which I am really keen to avoid.
    So - I'd love to hear any details about how you were 'managed' during the birth. Length of (attempted??) labour, presence of midwives/doctors throught, epidural management....etc etc.
    Any info much appreociated!!

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    I didn't have a VBAC - but I think that QMH "managed" my labour quite well. I had to have pitocin to augment my labour - they were going to let me go 12 hrs and then emergency C, but my baby came naturally instead. My baby came about 14 hrs after the pitocin (previously, my waters had broken but I was having only mild, irregular contractions). There were about 2-3 midwives who came in throughout the labour and then when the baby came there were probably 4-5 or so. I can't remember exactly... I got an epidural within probably 20 min of asking for it. I did have some frustrations there - but medically, they were great. And probably if you want to have VBAC in Hong Kong, QMH would be the best and safest place to do that, in my opinion!!

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