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Helper pregnant...

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    Helper pregnant...

    Hi all

    My helper has just let me know she's pregnant. She's married, has a young child in the Philippines already and we are really very happy for her.

    Problem is, I am 7.5 months pregnant and will be going back to work just as she gives birth. So.... her contract is up in March and we have the option of not renewing. However, I know she really wants to renew as she desparately needs the money. I'm really uncomfortable with her looking after my newborn while her's has to be sent back home to her husband and mother, also with the fact she has said she doesnt want to spend too much time with the baby as it will make it too hard to leave.

    I'm prepared to give her 4-5 months maternity leave (so she can at least BF her baby for an adequate amount of time), but what are my options in the interim? I need two full time helpers with two babies as we also have a dog and me and my husband work.

    Has anyone had a limited period visa issued by immigration for a replacment Foreign domestic helper (e.g. not a local) in the case of maternity leave?

    I guess I could go rent-a-mum but it would be rather pricey on top of paying maternity leave...

    Anyone experience this?

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    mine too!

    Hi there
    I am in a similair situation to you - my helper and I are both 7 1/2 months pregnant and due 2 days apart in May. We are sending her home for maternity leave for 10 weeks, during which we will have to cover her with another helper.
    We really need some one full time to help out with our 3 year old and also me when I give birth - but are struggling to find someone willing or able to be able to do such hours! Its going to cost so much and I too have the same issues with my helper looking after my new born, when she has left her own in the Philippines.
    Its a really difficult situation and one that makes me feel very uneasy.
    Send me a pm and let me know how you get on with visas and finding a replacement.

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