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FM or Fresh Milk for 12mth old?

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    Polly is offline Registered User
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    My little girl is 20 months and is still breastfed, albeit, mostly for comfort. I'm also planning to breastfeed her until around 2 years old. She's never had formula. Like others have said, past 1 year babies don't need formula, they don't even need regular milk if they don't like it; it's just a form of calcium and lots of Mums give it in other forms like; yoghurt, cheese etc. The benefit of continuing to breastfeed past 1 is that BM continues to provide the child with the same immunological protection as it did when they were small babies, as well as being able to provide a treasured source of comfort.

    You don't need to worry what amount your toddler is drinking at the breast. Trust your toddler that he'll take what he wants and needs. Past 1 I like to think as BM as the supplement to solids so as long as they're eating a reasonable varied diet of meat, fish, veg, fruit, dairy (not necessarily milk) or even if you struggle getting veg down them, as long as they eat fruit; they'll be absolutely fine.

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    We use Clover organic whole milk from park n shop, or if it's out of stock, the Australian Pura whole fat milk as everyone has written about above.

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    yes that was a typo, it should have been cow's milk not sow's milk! Gross!

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    The formula ads with children dressed in graduation gowns or as piano prodigies make me mad. The manufacturers wouldn't get away with quite so blatant marketing of follow-on milk in other countries.

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    balanced diet - meat, fish, veg, fruits

    I'm having a hard time getting my gal to eat meat cos I shred/minced it and put it into her porridge, but when I feed it to her, she'll "detect" it with her tongue and pull it out with her finger. Either that or she will spit the entire mouthful of food out frm her mouth! Tips anyone?!?

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    apparently, the meat maybe "overcooked" and turns "rubbery". so they haf a hard time chewing. or at least kai rejects meat due to that. i have to boil the porridge, and add the minced meat for a quick few minutes and keep stirring, then serve. that keeps it still soft but cooked thoroughly too.

    what about small meatballs with tomatoes and real tomato sauce? cut into smaller pieces and the sauce will keep it juicy. u can try let her feed herself with this?

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    are you still only feeding congee/porridge?

    by one year a baby can eat virtually everything that you do, just in smaller quantities.

    most children find beef difficult as it's a fairly strong taste. chicken, pork and fish tend to go down much better.

    instead of puree-ing everything, try progressing to finger foods where the baby can feed herself. things like homemade chicken nuggets are always a huge hit. i have never met a child that doesn't LOVE spaghetti bol. my two even ate green chicken curry with eggplant and rice when they just turned one. i shredded the chicken and didn't make the curry too spicy, and it was a meal that everyone could enjoy.

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    This is really interesting.

    My son turns one in a few days and I've been getting bit nervous about the whole milk thing, like I was about introducing solids. I've been feeling like I'd rather wait a while, since he already eats cheese and yoghurt, and just continue to encourage him to BF.

    The nurses at the clinic tried to tell me he should be drinking more water, juice and whole milk. I never give juice but he does have some water, in small amounts, throughout the day.

    Now I've read this thread, I think I will hold off on the whole milk for a while. I'd prefer him to be drinking human milk over cow milk anway!

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