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Baby Stroller

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    carey is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2008

    Hope this is helpful for you.

    I am due in June and we've done extensive online research and in store test driving on different strollers. There are just so many choices out there to confuse us.

    However, my conclusion is that, (I think many would agree), it really depends on your budget and functions you want or how it best suit you for your needs.

    Some would want light weight and/ or both ways facing, easy to fold or a travel system.

    We started out wanting all the functions. And we did not want to trade comfort with lightweight. So, we agreed that we would get a travel system because we drive quite a bit. And if we need it, we would get an additional lightweight stroller for shopping in HongKong or outing to the park.

    We haven't decided on which light weight stroller yet. But with the travel system, we narrowed our choices down to the Chicco Trio for Me and the Orbit system. Price wise, both are on the higher end. We tested handling and driving of both of them. We found both of them offer comfort, lots of head support and big wheels. But Chicco is not as easy to handle as the Orbit. and My husband felt in love with the Orbit system immediately. So we ordered it and actually picking it up in a couple of days. I can only tell you our actual experience with it when our baby is here.

    Good luck.

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    sidnino is offline Registered User
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    Shenzhen, China

    Opting for the Mutsy 4 Rider light

    Waiting for it.. will report on it when it comes.

    Has anyone used one in HK? any feedback ?

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