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To vaccinate or not - pediatrician referral

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    Thanks so much for the information, Dr Thondup sounds like a good fit for me and close, so I will call him for sure. Nice to hear that someone else followed their own vaccine program also.

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    MLBW Guest

    My limited experience is that doctors here (at least the local ones) aren't as vigorous about enforcing the "norms" of vaccination. In the States, for example, if you have convictions that mean you don't vaccinate your child along the standard guidelines you often face a firestorm from doctors and clinics. I just spoke with our son's doctor and explained that we will not be vaccinating him along the same guidelines--that we will wait until later to administer vaccinations that the HK guidelines say should be given now--and he didn't even bat an eye.

    As far as schools go, I have been submitting applications for pre-schools for my son and have been told that you do need to provide an immunization record but if some immunizations have not been administered that it is common to just provide a letter explaining that they were not administered and what personal reasons why. This does not necessarily bar children from entrance to the school as it might in other countries (USA, in my experience).

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