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Car Sickness - please help!

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    MilkMonster is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2007

    My son also used to suffer and sometimes still does vomit in car rides longer than 15mins but not every time anymore. I always carry bags and a change of clothes. It's really hard on the poor kids and stressful for mom/dad.

    I found it helps if my son doesnt get into the car on an empty stomach, but no fluids. so before we leave the house i will make sure he's had a few dry snacks, like the gerber puffs, crackers, bread sticks - this also works for adults. We always open the windows and make sure he takes off his jacket/hat - whatever clothing that would make him warm.

    I also have learned his signs, he yawns, gets teary eyed or starts saying 'finished' when he's starting to feel sick. if we're close enough to where we are going i will sometimes opt to get off the taxi early before he vomits.

    we also have taught him to look further, like not focus on the passing buildings but to look up at the sky, see the birds, look at the trees, anything that is more stable. we also never take the taxi to the airport and opt to take the airport express train instead.

    hope this helps...hope your son grows out of it soon...

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    Honkyblues is offline Registered User
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    My sister-in-law installed a portable DVD player in the car (you can hang it off the back of the front seat) for my car-sick nephew when he was 2-yrs-old. It really helped stop the car sickness (probably because it meant he focused on something stable and didn't get woozy from fast-moving peripheral vision).

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