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Reflexology to Induce Labour?

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    Reflexology to Induce Labour?

    Has anyone tried this in HK? My sister back in the UK did this when 5 days overdue with her first baby and she gave birth 8 hours later... Wondered if anyone could recommend a good place to go here in Hong Kong.

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    MLBW Guest

    I can't recommend a local reflexologist but our natural birth instructors passed this info. to us (below) when we were pregnant. They used another point which is located in the roof of your mouth, right behind your front teeth in that "soft spot." With her first child (of three) her water broke and her contractions were not speeding up and the doctor wanted to augment her labor (give pitocin) but they asked for 45 minutes to see if they could speed up labor naturally and with that pressure point as well as the one in the webbing of your hand, they made significant progress and did not have to have drugs in labor.

    Below is what I've found:

    Natural Labor Induction Techniques

    Three points are commonly used to stimulate labor and the first two are also linked to relief of migraine headaches:

    Hoku (Large intestine 6): Located deep in the webbing between either hand’s thumb and forefinger; in between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones. Stimulation of this point has been known to begin labor, enhance contractions during labor and in non-pregnant females, bring on menstruation several days early. Also may relieve pain from migraine.

    Chih-yin (Bladder 67): Located approximately 1/10” behind the lateral corner of the smallest toe’s nail of either foot. Stimulation of this point has been known to relieve labor pains and migraine discomfort.

    San-yin-chiao (Spleen 6): Placing your left hand on your right leg with your pinkie finger just above the interior ankle bone, the lateral tibia is located just under where you index finger lies. You may utilize both points simultaneously by placing a thumb on each point as shown.

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    I went for reflexology about 3x a week once I got to 37 weeks. Told them to 'make the baby come.'

    Sometimes I would get some contrax but nothing major and it always stopped when the massage was over.

    I tried a few different places in my local area and once I found a good, strong masseuse I went back. Even if it doesn't do anything to bring on labour, it feels good and is relaxing.

    BTW, my son was born at 39wks 5 days.

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    I don't know about the reflexology place, but I know some people use other alternatives such as acupuncture, homeopathy, craniosacral therapy and integrative manual therapy. I didn't try any of those for natural induction myself, so I can't give any comments.

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    does anyone have any updates on this? I'd be interested to hear about reflexology, acupressure, any other ideas!


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    I can't recommend Foot enough. It is in Central right near the Escalator on Queens Rd. I went there from around 32 weeks, not so much to bring on labour but more for relaxation. I can't say it did bring on labour as in the end I was induced, but I did have a few friends who say it helped them. But, 9 months later after my son was born, we still visit there around once a fortnight, even after a romantic dinner out. If you think you will go often, get a membership which provides discounts. All the best - you will love this place.

    FOOT foot reflexology & acupressure

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    to induce labour using reflexology you can stimulate the pituitary gland (which naturally releases oxytocin, the hormone that triggers labour). i went to happy foot and showed them the pituitarygland on the model of the foot they have and told them to 'work it!'
    from memory its on the big toe

    I also saw gianni @ IMI for acupuncture and horrid herb tinctures.

    who can be sure if any of it worked but i did go into labour and avoid medical induction

    the reflexology feels just great even and is worth doing for that reason alone.

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