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My experiance with having baby in HK (at QMH)

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    My experiance with having baby in HK (at QMH)

    Hi All,

    My wife gave birth to our son last week (2 weeks early). I just wanted to share my recent experiance with other first-timers (to HK as well as soon to be first-time parents).

    I am here on a work visa (my wife is on dependant visa). Just getting a HKID card qualifies for public services. Doesn't matter if permanent or non-permanent. To be clear, it has to be the mother that has the HKID card. They don't care about the father's status.

    I was very anxious to get registered so we registered early at Tsan Yuk for QMH as non-eligible first (my wife was already 5 months pregnant). We changed to eligible status after the wife received her HKID card but you can also register with the Temporary ID paper (at least that is what i have heard). Getting the refund was simple. received it around 30 days. They only deducted 700 for the first prenatal visit. I am not sure if you have to make an appointment for the first visit, they just told me to walk in whenever i want. Made appointments for subsequent visits. Appointments are monthly but they do become weekly in the last month.

    Now i know that the public services are booked depending on where you live. I live on the border of Causeway Bay. According to a colleague who lives near me (Happy Valley), I was suppose to do the booking at Pamela Youde. But at Tsan Yuk, they told me that since i booked with them i had to go to QMH which i was fine with since i heard good things about QMH and it was my first choice.

    Husbands are not allowed in the waiting room with the mother. I didn't mind but the fathers should know that the waiting room for the father is some plastic seats by the elevators. Not the best place. My wife's water broke and had no contractions for few hours. I did not get much sleep on the plastic seats (water broke middle of the night). The fathers are allowed with the mother in the labor ward so i got a lot of sleep then since they had to induce the labor for my wife. Doesn't seem like they really care if you took antenatal classes or not.

    In the end my wife had to get a c-section as she wasn't dilated enough. the father is not allowed in the operating room but i was ok with that. operation was fast. I only saw my son for 1 second before they took him to the infant ward. Waited another hour to see my wife. I went with her to the recovery ward. The infant ward is in the recovery ward so i got to see my son again before i had to leave since it wasn't visiting hours. I was ok with the visiting hours. the baby is with the mother the whole time (that is what my wife told me anyways.) the baby is only kept in the infant ward first for a few hours (i guess for observation) and when mother is in the restroom.

    For public hospitals, c-section is the last resort. Cannot elect to have it. Has to be a doctor's decision. I think it is because it cost more than natural birth and the government doesn't want to pay more than it has to. This actually makes sense to me. I was fine with it, my wife was not. She wasn't to fond of the pain that comes with contractions. So i will get insurance for next time and go straight to the c-section.

    The people at QMH are very professional. Some are nice, some aren't. I only care about their quality of work not personality so i was ok with some of them being cold and strict. We do have to remember that some of the measures taken are to protect the babies and other people's privacy since it isn't a private room.

    You are not allowed to take cameras into the recovery ward but you can take pictures as long as you have the curtain pulled around your wife's bed (basically cannot take picture of anyone else besides your wife, kid, and visitors. I have also noticed that they are not strict on the 2 visitor policy as i saw 1 lady with 4-5 visitors.

    In summary, we had a positive experiance at QMH. For 350HKD, i was very pleased with our experiance. My wife's only complaint was that they didn't do c-section earlier. I think everyone would have a positive experiance as long as they remember that they are getting what they paid for. I mean if i was paying 100,000 HKD then i would not be so positive.

    the only thing i regret is that we were not able to do cord banking. i did hope to store my son's blood but i don't think it is allowed for public services.

    PS: I have to guess they threw the placenta out since i wasn't in the operation room. But to be honest, don't care about that any more.

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    Eve12 is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    Hi mwong222,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I will be delivering at QM in a couple of months...this is reassuring to hear.

    Best wishes with your baby boy.

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    mwong - you may find that even if you went through the public hospital again, your wife may be able to elect to do a c-section on the grounds that she's already had one c-section. I'm not 100% sure about this, but many doctors prefer to offer the woman the choice since vaginal birth after caesarian has some risk.

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    Congratulations on your new son! Thanks for sharing your experience but I just wanted to say that I too just had a son, 2 weeks early and my experience sounds quite similar to your wife`s, but it just happened to me in GZ and I had to pay a lot more money:)
    I will soon be moving to HK and if we are still there when #2 comes along, I will try to have it at QMH since that was my choice if I would have been able to have my son in HK this time around.
    Good luck with being a father!

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    Hi Jennifer


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    Hi mwong, it's trully kind of you sharing your experience and it answers some of my questions on having a baby in QMH.

    Do you know if mummies are allowed to use handphones in the ward (since visiting hours are limited)?

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    Canucker is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Hi mwong222,

    First off... CONGRATS on your new addition.

    I am SO glad to hear someone else had a great experience at QMH. I had my first one and my second one there and never understood people who said they would NEVER return to that hospital again.

    However, my first baby was an emergency c-section and THEY DID allow my husband into the operating room. While I know it is usually not the case, we were both very polite in asking that he be able to come in to "help keep me calm." Believe me, having him there did the job.

    When I had my second one, I went through Tsan Yuk again and while the doctor encouraged me to have a natural birth I pushed for the c-sec and went that route again.

    All in all, if I was to have a third (no way) I would return to QMH once again. Their staff is great and very professional. I would rather take the $$$ saved from going private (or paying for insurance to pay for the private hospital) and spend it on my kids in the future.

    Again, congrats!

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