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4 year old wardrobe

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    4 year old wardrobe

    I am trying to plan ahead by purchasing clothing items in DD's next size up as I see them on sale.

    What does your child's wardrobe made up of? Below is what I am thinking but would be interested in yours (as well as anything I have forgotten).
    Raincoat x1
    Jacket x1
    Cardigan x1
    Vest x1
    Winter hat and mits x1
    Swimmers x1
    Underwear x7
    Socks x7
    PJs (long sleeve) x3
    Singlets x5
    Pants - 3/4 length x2
    Skirts x2
    Dresses x3
    T-shirts x5
    Shorts x1

    Sandals, Sneakers, School Shoes, Crocks (if I must!)

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