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Moving in 1wk from US- Live in Happy Valley or Causeway Bay?

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    chelle_law is offline Registered User
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    HK Parkview

    Moving in 1wk from US- Live in Happy Valley or Causeway Bay?

    We are getting ready to move to HK for my husband's job. His job is providing us with a serviced apartment for our 12mo assignment and luckily, we do get to pick our apartment from a short list once we arrive (we'll be in a hotel for a week or so). My husband's office is in Causeway Bay which I know is close to Happy Valley. We have a 1.5yo little boy. Do people prefer to live in Causeway Bay or Happy Valley? Are there any particular apartment buildings people love/hate? I will be looking to meet up with other moms and children for playgroups and would like to find something convenient. Also, do most serviced apartments come with a washer/dryer? This is important to me as I don't want to be carrying laundry and my son around. Any other tips you can provide before we arrive? I have read other posts to stock up on OTC meds so I will be sure to do so.
    Thank you in advance for your advice!

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    carang's Avatar
    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    dryers are very uncommon in hong kong. most locals hang their clothes out to dry, which in the rainy season can take a very long time.

    most places will come with at least a washing machine.

    laundries, though, are plentiful and cheap. they do all the work, you just drop off the clothes and then pick them up later or the next day.

    i would prefer happy valley to right in the middle of causeway bay. it only takes a few minutes to walk from H valley to causeway bay anyway...

    shouldn't have any trouble meeting people in happy valley.

    bring cold/flu/allergy meds for sure. also deoderant.

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    Dink is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2008
    Hong Kong

    Hi - we lived in a serviced apartment in Causeway Bay when we first arrived in HK and it was not a good experience. Causeway Bay is exceedingly busy and polluted. You'd be much better off in Happy Valley I think.

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008

    if you chose a high-rise catered to mostly ex-pats, then finding a drier is usually not a problem. yes, would agree with Dink - Happy Valley is less busy than Causeway Bay. Of course, bring enough meds that are by prescription only you might have to take into consideration figuring out doctors etc...we brought over Children's Benadryl, children's tylenol and advil and tylenol for us.

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    Katebabe is offline Registered User
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    Hi Chelle,

    Agree with Dink. HV is a better place to live, also very convenient. Within walking distance, you can find large supermarket for groceries, western grocery shop, laundry, playgroup for kids and different kind of dining places. In terms of serviced apartment choices, see below link:
    V ser. apart is quite new while Eaton House is quite old but price is cheaper.
    The size of apartments in HV is generally quite small. If you want a bigger place, perhaps you may also consider Tai Hang at Jardine's Lookout located uphill of HV. More expensive prices but more quiet place to live.

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    HK2008 is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008

    I wouldn't live in either place if I had a choice. I found it hard to breathe literally with so many people and cars around. However, we stayed in Happy Valley 88(serviced apartments) for a month when we first arrived. It was quite a pleasant experience(for one month!). The building is pretty new with new kitchen and bathroom etc and only couple of minutes walk to the race course...They have maid doing the cleaning and washing up dishes every other day. Also breakfast is served as part of the rent which was very convenient for us. However I was never able to walk to Causeway Bay as I have two kids. It costs around 20 HKD by cab, but your hubby can easily take a bus to work.

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    MLBW Guest

    I've never lived in Happy Valley but for a summer my husband and I lived in the middle of Causeway Bay and I made trips to peoples' houses who lived in Happy Valley--I would go with Happy Valley. Causeway Bay is a mess of people--if you walk down the street there you're going to get bumped into, smoke blown in your face and they really never shut off the lights that make night as bright as day. There are some nice apartments in Happy Valley. Sorry, I can't provide you with specifics but I would go with HV if I had a choice.

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    kiwiinoz is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    You can walk to Causeway Bay from Happy Valley. We stayed there when we first arrived, and I did it repeatedly. However, you can also take the tram, or a bus, or even a minibus.
    The downside to Causeway Bay is that you would effectively be living IN the middle of a business district. If you intend to buy a car at some point, it will be hard to find an apartment with parking in Causeway Bay. Having said that, if you want to be above the action of cars and people then it is the place to be.
    I like Happy Valley because it has a nice mix of western/chinese shops and people. You can get 'larger' apartments in Happy Valley... but unless you are willing to spend $$ or move out to somewhere like new territories, remember that space is at a premium on HK Island.
    There are also a couple of good outdoor playgrounds plus the (free) indoor playground in Happy Valley. Everyone I've met who lives in Happy Valley seem to enjoy their location (unless they are in a steep area).
    One thing to keep in mind when apartment hunting is kitchens can be quite different here. If the numerous places we looked at, only two had an oven... so if you like cooking, you may want to keep than in mind.
    I live up in Jardine's Lookout, and while it is green, I feel somewhat isolated because to do something trivial like go to the grocery store I have to either climb a steep hill (which would be fine if i didn't have 2 kids, a stroller, and in summer you had to contend with the heat and humidity), catch a minibus to Causeway Bay (again an interesting challenge with a stroller) or drive.
    Your serviced apartment SHOULD come with a washing machine, but dryer is not as common. As was said, most people hang their washing. When you get your apartment, if it has no washer, you can get a washer/dryer combined machine, but do your research as not all of them work well. We have a whirlpool one which is pretty good.
    Good luck with your move, and once you're ready, feel free to join us for a mothers group meeting in Happy Valley sometime. :)

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