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Adoption in HK

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    Adoption in HK

    My husband and I are looking into adoption. We have been in HK about a year and have read the other threads posted on the subject. We will be getting in touch with the relevant authorities here in HK to get the information that they have available.

    At this stage I would be interested in being in touch with people who have adopted either here or abroad ? I have a lot of questions not only about the process here in HK (for example what is the assessment like, would a 100% Caucasian couple be considered suitable, average time, etc) but also about adoption in general. Any experiences you could share would be greatly welcome.


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    this is the government website. the governemnts social welfare department is responsible for local adoption.

    mother's choice is probably the best known adoption services organisation on hk island. they have a website, etc.

    because i have epilepsy, my husband and i didn't pass the "home study" so we never successfully adopted; we pursued fertility treatments instead. good luck to you, sorry i can't be of more assistance.

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