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Advise from Baguio Villa resident

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    Advise from Baguio Villa resident


    we r in midst of considering moving to Baguio Villa & need some advise from resident already staying there.

    1) We have a 4 & 2 yr old kid. I notice they only have a outdoor playarea, tennis court & swimming pool. Where does the kids usually hang out? We are looking for a place whereby the kids can have more outdoor place to run around & interact with other kids.

    2) For transportation, we noticed there are only 2 mini-bus & a shuttle bus servicing that area. Is it sufficient to service the resident or will it be crowded during the peak hours like in the morning? how is the travelling distance like to central & CWB, half hour?

    3) how about grocery marketing? Where we staying now are very convenient in getting grocery or food. I notice that the nearest supermarket there is at Lower Baguio villa or cyberport. in both places, a transport is required. otherwise will be the shuttle bus to Chi Fu. is it troublesome?

    Overall, we hope to move to a much friendly community as compared to where we staying now, and the kids have opportunity to mix around with other children.

    Hi Rani, i read in the forum that you are staying there & really appreciate any advise.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    BV is a nice complex for kids. We moved from Mid-Levels because of this. The upper playground gets busy in the afternoon. Most kids come down for a run/play from 4-7pm. The majority of the kids also go to ESF Kennedy School. So its easy to arrange playdates with schoolmates.

    The pool is open from May-Oct. It only gets busy on weekends.

    Transportation is fairly good. Yes it gets busy during peak times, but there are loads of mini-buses, and the wait is no more than 5-10mins. It takes about 20mins to get to Central during off-peak and 45 to Causeway Bay. Peak times I think it takes about 30-40 mins to Central. There are express buses, not sure of the time. We work in Aberdeen and can''t take the buses in the morning.

    Bus network from Cyberport is also fairly good. The 69X to Causeway Bay, goes via Aberdeen Tunnel and takes 15-20mins. Also there are buses to Stanley and Kowloon.

    We do our Grocery Shopping in BV. Wet market is in Chi Fu and there is a free shuttle. We also tend to go to Wah Fu a lot. There's a wet market, hardware, pharmacy, Wellcome, Japan Home. There is also the 59 and 58A mini bus from Victoria Rd, that goes to the Wet market in Aberdeen.

    Overall, we are happy at BV. Flats are spacious, community friendly. They organize a CNY and mid-autumn party in the playground every year which the kids love.


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    Thanks Rani for the wonderful information. We are actually looking at Upper BV, so gng to cyberport for buses will be abit further right. Actually my hubby works ard taikoo place, so minibus 69 is great for him, but we got to go all the way to cyberport to catch a ride. otherwise travelling time will be further for him.

    overall we are looking for kid friendly community whereby our kids can enjoy the stay there. and really thanks for the wonderful feedback!


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