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HELP~~~excruciating period pains!

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    pdamestoy is offline Registered User
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    Just a suggestion. Maybe you would like to find out the cause of the pain. Often times a Vega-test can pinpoint the cause. Then you can treat towards a cure instead of medications that just try to hide the pain. Of course you may have a fibrioid, cyst or endometriosis. Get it checked out by a doctor, then perhaps a naturopath cure the infection creating the problem.

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    I've had it all my life so I didn't go for a checkup.
    I used some Hyland's and newtons homeopathic pills/ drops and they helped a lot.

    But half a year ago I started doing Jillian Michaels/ Jari Love/ Kristen mcGee DVDs almost every day. I added ProOmega and flax oil and these six months had been great so far. it has improved by 90% and i have almost no pain again. I swear exercise +essential fatty acids work!!!

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    I REALLY must get around to excercising... seems i can find every excuse known to womankind to get out of it....

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