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Any suggestions on...

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    you can't re-arrange lessons for morning as most people having private tutors have children that are in school all day. 3-8pm is PRIME TIME!

    hannah, if you ever want to chat, please feel free to pm me... we can talk by phone if you like.

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    Hi Hannah,

    I went back to full-time work (I'm a teacher) when my son was 9 weeks old. He is BFing about 7-8x a day, and he's just on 13mnths. It is definitely manageable. It's busy and tiring (I don't have a helper, not that a helper could help much overnight anyway when baby wants boobie ;-) )but rewarding if BFing is a personal goal for you. I pump twice a day and nurse in my lunchbreak.

    Like PP mentioned, afternoons and early evenings are classic fussy and cluster feeding times, so try to be home then.

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