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Need some advice!! Mid-level or Kowloon?

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    Sai Kung

    it is so funny.

    where a person chooses to live is so personal. Neha loves mid-levels and yet, you couldn't PAY me to live there! LOL!

    YOU really must decide for yourself, as what you might love about a place could be the thing that drives me away from it.

    good luck with your decision!

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    Hong Kong, Mid Levels

    There are also other places in HK Island to consider, Pokfulam etc. - we moved here from the mid-levels which we loved, but much prefer here now our bub is a toddler.

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    Pokfulam Hong Kong

    i'm with leah - the minute we started trying to conceive, i wanted green space, and moved from a great flat on seymour road to pokfulam.

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