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High FSh friendly doctor

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    High FSh friendly doctor

    Hi. I was just diagnosed with high FSH prematurely young - it jumped dramatically in the course of one year and my fertility dr who I did 2 IUIs with last year dropped me like a hot potato. I have been reading up and understand that there is specific drs who are friendly to high FSh patients. Has anyone had an experience with one?

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    Dear Hobbes.

    I just want to tell you my story that might inspire you --I am a high FSH-er (way high). I started trying to get preggers at 39. I did a few IUI's and got pregnant once--but miscarried early (blighted ovum-probably an egg issue). Did a few more IUI's--no luck. Then decided to do IVF that month my FSH soared to 42--can you believe it. My doctor, Dr. Odawara in Japan, told me it was a little hopeless but put me on the pill to bring down my FSH. My FSH went down to 12. I got pregant the next month with IVF--but it was probably a bad egg too as there was no heart beat at 7 weeks. Then my doctor kept talking about donor eggs and kept telling me to give up and made me feel small. I went to the states and tried IVF--very expensive--didn't get pregnant--but I think they helped my hormones to get on track a bit better as they gave me a very low dose estrogen patch from day 2 until ovulation. Anyway, then I sort of gave up but wanted to stay in the game in a light way--so I went to see Dr. Kato in Tokyo . He is a renowned low stim doctor who has the best success rates with older women. He is a renegade-- a 65 year old man in leather pants and a white coat. He is the only doctor who looked at me after hearing my story and said. Don't worry--I will get you pregnant in a few months. We don't care about FSH here. If there is one egg there--you are fertile and we will go and get it. He believes the HSG shot used in all IUI's and all IVFs damages the eggs in older women and some women with hormonal imbalances. He also thinks high stim damages the eggs. Anyway, I did a natural cycle with him and was going to have the one egg retrieved, however I had ovulated just before the retrieval so we just did IUI. Remarkably, I got pregant with a healthy baby boy and he is now almost 2 years old. I think it had something to do with the doctor's optimism and maybe not using the HSG shot. Anyway, high FSH just means fewer eggs,low egg producer. Your eggs are probably still good. Doctors don't like to do IUI's --too much time and no money. Even Kato doesn't want to do them. I would find a low stim doctor who would do IUI"s or IVF with you. If you had the time and money to hang out in Tokyo for a few months and give Dr. Kato a try--I think it is fabulous at that clinic--for obvious reasons. But I think hearing some optimism from a doctor would help a lot of women to get pregnant. I am also looking for a good doctor here. Will let you know if I find anything. All the best. Note: gave birth at 42 years of age. Natural no problems.


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