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Has anyone flown American Airlines recently?

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    Has anyone flown American Airlines recently?

    We are flying with our 10-week old baby on American Airlines to Los Angeles. We are NOT bringing a carseat since we're planning on buying one once we arrive in the States, but we have booked 3 economy seats for added comfort.

    We've called AA customer service several times and each time, we get a different answer regarding whether they provide bassinets for infants. Some rep says that they will provide a bassinet whereas other rep says that they no longer provide bassinets for babies.

    I suppose if they don't provide a bassinet, we can take turns holding the little one between my husband & I but it's going to be an awfully long flight!

    Has anyone flown on American recently? Have you seen them provide bassinets?

    Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! =)

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    I have not been flying with American Airlines for some time now. But with all the cost cutting going with the US Airlines I wont be surprised that they dont provide bassinets.

    It would be best that u visit their website and check the facts there or email their US offices as HK office is run with CX.

    Best of luck

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