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Does Dr. Gosh Prefer C- Section

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    Does Dr. Gosh Prefer C- Section

    Hi everyone

    I am due beginning August. Its my first baby and I am really keen for a normal delivery. I seeing Dr. Gosh.
    Whatever i have read or heard from people is that Dr. Gosh prefers C-section. Is that true? Please advise.

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    u can see from other posts on this website some say yes and some say no. It will be better for u to discuss your birth plan with him to put your self in ease.

    Best of luck

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    He has a reputation as being great at C-sections but I am currently seeing him and can say that he is not pro c-section at all. I had to have a c-section with my second and now pregnant with my third child he was quite adamnant that as long as they didn't need to induce me I could have a vbac.

    I think he is completely pro-choice if anything. The fact that he has a reputation for leaving women with tiny c-section scars probably means that women that want a c-section gravitate towards him thus increasing his ratio of c-vaginal births. Make sense?

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