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Public Hospitals

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    Hi Carang

    u are right thats the reason why my private OB refer me to QM but when they mixed up all my test report my husband really freaked out.

    I end up in a private hospital with a ambulance standing by because end of the day I still trust my priavte OB he knows everything about my condition. (he is formely from QM too) I guess if the publice hospital in HK can have you seeing the same OB everytime you go for your routine check up it would be alot better and you would have lesser mixed up of reports and error, meaning you only get appointment when your OB is on duty.

    I know in Singapore in the publice hospital this is being practised.

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    Hung Hom


    I delivered in QE in august last year. since my company have plan for maternity benefit, i went to see private OB and always bring my reports when i go to QE for antenatal check up. I think the check ups and the antenatal classes are really good. but you may have to wait long for the check up so bring your own magazines, or nds to play while waiting..
    i delivered by c-section as my bb was in breech position. i was hospitalised one day before due for operation. the operation took 45 minutes and due to i was feeling really cold after the operation, they gave bb to me four hours later. if you intend to breastfeed, you can ask to see Christine Lim , the lactation consultant there. actually, she would go and check on patients every day but just to make sure, you can ask to see her.
    the food, is okay, if you are breastfeeding, they'll give you soup.. supposingly to help in breastfeeding. i was given a bed which was along the corridor, and it was quite noisy, the nurses chatting, some patients talking on the phone loudly,, babies crying.. i didn't sleep too well and was desperate to leave QE by the 4th day after operation. i paid hkd450 for everything.
    but overall, the experience was a good one. if you are not expectinng too much.. hehe.

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    Hi reei,

    Thanks for this info, really appreciate it. Im doing that now, like seeing private ob but i havent gone to QE for registration coz i havent got my recommendation letter as my private ob is always full of clients. I am on my 13th week now. Do i have to register as soon as possible? I am kinda thinking not to expect high and even told it to the husband. hehehe coz i understand that i am not going to pay a lot unlike in private. He wants to go private and i told him i cant sleep well with the amount of money that we are going to pay at private hospital. I just find it tooooo much. heheh Well, thanks agen for the info... x

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    if you go public the two most important things to remember to take with you:

    ear plugs
    eye patch

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    Hung Hom

    hi bubi,

    i was advised to register in QE asap, not so much for the antenatal check up, since you are seeing private ob but more so to secure a bed for your delivery. good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mama-to-be View Post
    Hi Papa2b
    Were you allowed in the delivery room when your wife had the baby? Just been hearing that due to increasing swine flu cases husbands are not allowed in the delivery room - which is very worrying as I am due in 8 weeks. I'm also delivering in Princess Margaret Hospital where all the swine flu patients seem to be sent to! But I don't have a choice as I live in Tung Chung
    Hi, yes i was in the deliver suite throughout labour, however, my wife had an emergency C-section which i was not allowed to be there for. I guess the period that my wife/baby and i were separated for was about 2 hours in total. But the baby was with my wife and she tells me that they were both well looked after. After they took the baby out and stitched her back up they gave her a phone to call me!

    By the way, we also live in Tung Chung, but we registered in QMH using an alternative address in Central. I think you still have time to get an address in QMH catchment area if you are really concerned, be a bit creative!

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    mumto2 is offline Registered User
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    DB, Hong Kong

    Or if you have friends in DB, use their address because DB is in the catchment area for QMH as well I've just found out!

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    I had my first baby delivered in QMH in 2006. here are my comments:

    - it is cheap.
    - doctors, anesthetist and nurses are really professional, especially the anesthetist. I had a scheduled c-section, but I had a sudden water broke few days earlier, I was so nervous as my husband couldn't get in coz it was an emergency case, if it was on the scheduled day, yes, the husband could get in. I was so nervous but the Indian (I think) anesthetist was really good. He kept talking to me softly to calm me down.
    - didn't suffer from too much pain. I could get off my bed the next day. and my wound recovered quickly.
    - nurses are good in following up. I received a few calls from them after I was discharged from hospital to see I was doing ok. I was and am impressed.
    - they are very careful in dealing with patient's case. every time they asked me to double check my own info before doing anything to make sure it is the right file.

    - as one of the mommies said, need to bring your earplugs. that's all.

    Why I prefer public?
    - coz whenever there is a major situation, you will be sent to the public hospital anyway, so, meaning public hospitals are more advanced in terms of medical know-how.

    hope it helps.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peggy&Tony View Post
    My wife and I are expecting our first one in October and we are undecided on private vs. public. Money has some consideration but I want to know what the general feeling is?

    Could you please let me know your experience. What was bad/good? Why do people prefer private/public? Generally, public has a bad reputation, why?

    I'd appreciate your feedback.

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