I am in the midst of changing helpers (fired the last one, hasn't found the next one yet), and need someone to help out with taking care of my 3 yr old boy. Basically I just need someone to help pick him up from the school bus (ard 12pm), feed him lunch, play with him and put him to nap while I run around town looking for helpers (probably only 3 hrs) My son is only in school for 3 hrs in the morning, and that is not enough for me to run all my errands plus do housework. I also have a 9 yr old boy, but he is very independent so there really is no need to take care of him other than be at home when he comes back from school. Would appreciate any recommendations for babysitters who speaks English and a bit of Cantonese,and most importantly love children. If the person is available on Sat mornings too, it is even better!
Thank you!