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I've just looked at the Phils Consulate website again and it looks like the agency requirement is now just limited to new direct hires from the Philippines. Sorry to give you the wrong info and confuse you, but when I started processing my FDH's contract last month that was the position as explained to me by both my FDH and the agency. Maybe it changed because there were protests from the FDHs at the Phils Consulate. Also, one other big difference, my FDH is a break contract not because of employer leaving (like your future FDH), financial reasons, death or any of the accepted reasons, she just didn't like her employer and break-contracts without an accepted reason must return to the Philippines to process and are treated as direct name hires.

Anyway, you'll find the step-by-step procedures under the Advisory heading (items 5 and 6) for the Phils Consulate processing part of the process under this link: http://www.philcongen-hk.com/
Thanks for that :) It's hard to know what is going on when the rules keep changing! I think I'll just call in at HK immigration and The Phil. consulate today while I'm out, to ask all the questions and collect all the paperwork in person. Seems easier!