as far as i know, now only Cryolife and HealthBaby are AABB accredited but cordlife only got AABB accredited of their singapore branches.
pls place good care of your baby's one-in-a-lifetime treasure.

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Hi Littlebird,

Oh, I didn't realize that cryolife offers $3000 discount but anyway I'm more with cordlife because I found their sales better, more efficient and knowledgable. I called cryolife before too but it took so much longer time for them to call back.

And, I think the size of the company matters to me more than the AABB thing. As far as I know HK Red Cross central bank is not AABB but they still give out donated cord blood for transplants in local hospitals. So, I don't think it's that important. It's such a long-term investment I'd rather make sure it's a stable company. Cordlife is a listed company in Australia and it operates a few banks in other Asia Pacific countries. Sounds better than a local bank in Hong Kong.

Just my two cents worth...