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KBCK VS Anfield

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    KBCK VS Anfield

    Hello, mums

    I really need other mums advice.

    My daughter will Be K1 this coming sept. and she got accepted to Kowloon Baptist Church Kindergarten PM class, and Anfield am class.(We're foreigners/cannot speak chinese)

    I heard some feedbacks about Anfield, but it seems
    there's is less comments on KBCK.
    Is there any mums who send their kids to KBCK?

    I heard most of the kids who attend KBCK get into ESF schools, how about Anfield?????

    In terms of tuition fee, KBCK is really reasonable, but
    the facilitiy is not so good and they only teach English.

    I heard Anfield will be moving the campus, but not much infomation about it on the website.

    I want some feedbacks on Anfield and KBCk from other mums~! thanks inadvance!

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    My daughter is in K1 at Anfield right now. She really enjoys it. They are moving to a bigger campus in September 2009.

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