The Environmental Protection Department is planning to present its new air quality objectives (AQOs) to the public at an open forum on Friday 20th March (in the afternoon). This is very short notice, which will make it difficult for many people to come, especially as it is during business hours. So please try to hold this time slot open now if you plan to

It is understood that EPD?s The intention is to gauge the public?s reaction to the new AQOs before submitting the draft report to the Government. This creates a golden opportunity to show the Government how seriously we take air pollution and its threat to our health. So please go if you can, and please pass the message on to as many other as you can. Our objective is to give EPD the highest level of support for the highest air quality standards

The meeting will be held in the Exhibition Hall of the Hong Kong Productivity Council in Kowloon Tong. Our objective is to fill this venue to overflowing with as wide a cross-section of the community as possible.

Right now the details have been agreed, but not confirmed. They will appear on the EPD website at the following address:

At present we do not know what exactly EPD and their consultant will propose, but we do know that they will appear before the LegCo Subcommittee on Improving Air Quality at 10:45 on !9th March. Any papers for this meeting will be posted on the LegCo website, here:
(If these links do not open, please cut and paste directly into your browser.) You can register to attend the LegCo meeting by contacting LegCo on 2869 9399. If seats are full
please contact us at [email protected] as we may try to have this hearing shifted to a larger hall if it is available.

Finally, please share this news with as many friends/neighbours and colleagues as possible

We will also keep you updated as we discover more information.

Mike Kilburn
Civic Exchange