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Mandarin classes for me & 3 year old?

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    Mandarin classes for me & 3 year old?

    wondering if anyone's ever taken mandarin classes together with their children. my son is 3 and i'm realising that the little bits of mandarin he is picking up at kindergarten are fun and fabulous - but that if he's ever to even somewhat master the language, we will need to get more serious soon! was thinking that maybe i could take a class with him as i'm interested in learning mandarin too. any suggestions?

    also, has anyone taken a mandarin class here in hong kong (just a regular class for adults) - any recommendations would be so great as there seem to be so many courses out there and difficult to know what's good/what works etc. i am currently not working full time so could take a course that requires attendance every day if that is the better way to master the language.

    very grateful for any input.

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    Hi snagito,

    Glad to know that you are interested in learning Putonghua.
    Regarding your enquiries on learning putonghua with you son, I would have some suggestions for you.
    It is actually ok to have a language class with your son, however, the approach would be a bit different from the normal one as it would be more focus on the kids, or the interaction of your kids and you via the new language learning. With kids, the class is usually more in games approach.

    Hope this can help.

    Putonghua tutor

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