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Yuen Long Kindergarten Suggestions

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    strawberry41579 is offline Registered User
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    Yuen Long


    Hi ladies,

    I know your posts are from 2009...but just wondering what you feedback is on St. Lorainne preschool (Palm Springs). My daughter is 2 in October, I'm currently starting to take her to playgroups, but am looking at preschools. Also, if you take their preschool program, if there a higher chance that they will accept you in their kindergarten?

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    AnitaC is offline Banned
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    Moving to Fairview in September

    Hi there,

    Just wonder if anyone studies at St Lorraine (Palm Springs). We are moving to Fairview Park next month and we are completely new to the area!

    My son is currently at PIPS at Elements. I am hoping to transfer him to a school nearby, ideally a school that teaches both Chinese (Mandarin/ Cantonese) and English.

    Any comments/ suggestions/ ideas about St Lorraine or kindergarten nearby would be appreciated.



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    leanangel is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2015

    Having sent my kid to Zenith Yuen Long for the past 2.5 yrs, I've come see that the school is simply rotten covered up with fancy packaging, filled with parents and children from the mainland with bad behavior. Certain teachers deliberately present inaccurate information to make themselves look better. Often one'd receive blatant advertisements (e.g. from milk powder companies) in the schoolbag.

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    I know this thread is old one, but for anyone currently looking for kindergarten in Yuen Long, I thought would be nice to share my recent findings. My child attends St. Lorraine on Palm Springs. She came home concern because he said she saw the teacher was fighting with other teacher. And not only with words, but someone named Mr Kevin was grabbing the jacket of other teacher and looked like she want to hit him. This makes me very concern that someone I trust with my child can behave this way in school grounds where there are childrens. I would reconsider if I want to enroll my child again next year in this school if this teacher remains. I hope the school will take action against this dangerous person for the purpose of protecting our babies. Beware parents!

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    leanangel is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2015

    TopKids Kindergarten (re) opened last year in Yuen Long. Check it out.

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