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La Leche League Toddler Meeting

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    Quote Originally Posted by freddiebiscuit View Post
    How often does LLL host Toddler Meetings?
    This is our first toddler meeting for about 8 years.
    But the response has been so overwhelming that we've been forced to find a bigger venue. I'm sure that there will be more in the near future.

    Please check out our web site, LLL-HK Home Page.
    All our meetings will be announced on the website as soon as they are confirmed.

    Best wishes,
    La Leche League Leader

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    Quote Originally Posted by LLL_Sarah View Post
    Although we rarely have meetings at the weekend we do have an e-mail group for working mothrs and many of the mothers who contribute to the list are nursing older babies and toddlers.

    lalecheleaguehongkong-working : LLL-HK Working Mothers Support will give you more details.

    Best wishes,
    Yep, I'm already a member, just thought it would be nice to meet (in real life) some other nursing mums. Gets a bit lonely sometimes...

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    Due to popular demand...
    La Leche League is happy to announce that we will be continuing the Toddler Meetings!

    Tired of being a cooped up with an active Toddler?
    Interested in meeting other Mothers still nursing their Toddler?
    Looking to share experiences and stories about the challenges of extended breastfeeding?

    We would like to welcome all Mothers with nursing Toddlers (12 months+ and/or walking) to attend this special meeting!

    The meeting will be held monthly over the course of the next 3 months. The details are as follows:

    3:00 - 5:00pm
    Thursday, April 30th
    Thursday, May 21st
    Thursday, June 25th

    Sam Yuk International Community Center
    1st Floor, Morse Hall
    17A Ventris Road
    Happy Valley

    There is ample street parking all along Ventris Road (a one-way street).

    If you plan on attending, we would appreciate your help by bringing a few toys for the children to share as well as a donation of HK$20 per family to cover the venue costs.

    If you are able to bring a refreshment to share with the group, these are also greatly appreciated!

    Please write to [email protected] if you have any questions.

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