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Reducing Pesticide Consumption

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    MLBW Guest

    Reducing Pesticide Consumption

    As the topic of pesticides and produce seemed to really spark a lot of interest, I thought these resources would be helpful to those out there who want to reduce the pesticides ingested by themselves and their kids.

    The first link is a handy, printable guide to help you know which veggies and fruits are best bought organic (pesticide free) and the other link gives some vital information concerning pesticide consumption--especially in regard to children and babies.

    Pesticide "Dirty" and "Clean" Foods

    Reduce Your Family's Pesticide Intake

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    elaine is offline Registered User
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    tseung kwan o

    Thanks for posting the link - very useful.

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    Another vegetable which in my opinion should be bought organic is Spinach. I have tried both organic and non organic Spinach and there is a great difference in taste and smell (The non- organic gives a very chemical smell when cooked). Does anyone else agree with me?

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