hi everyone, i found it's really hard to find a gd maid, i hope my experience can help in someway

1/ do interview, via phone AND also face to face. bring yr baby.
my son was 4months old when we hire the 1st maid, i asked her to change his diaper during the interview

2/ hire a mature one, more stable in life and emotion
my 1st maid is 44 and the current one is 42

3/ technology helps
i have installed IP cam, i can check out the situation of my toddler as long as i can access internet (via phone also). and if anything happened (just in case), i have the video record as reference/ evidence

also, i have bought baby monitor, which has both video and sound. i asked the maid to carry the monitor while she's doing housework when my son is sleeping. i have emphasised taking care of the baby/ keeping an eye on him is the top priority

4/ rewards
don't be mean if the helping is really helpful. i bought her new clothes during xmas and when the weather changes.
lai see during CNY & also on her bday.