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Doctor Joseph Pang & 2 Nurses

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    MLBW Guest

    Boo on Dr. Pang! Never been to see him and thanks for the warning! Have been to see other similar female doctors here, though.

    I went to a couple of the "superstar" doctors down in the Central area and had the same experience--along with sticker shock when one charged me 800 HKD for simple calcium tablets that later that day I found at the local pharmacy for 30 HKD! Thankfully, when I was able to exchange them and get my money back! Had another one give me a hard time because I wanted my husband in the room during the first ultrasound he was able to attend--she finally said "Okay, but he can only come in for one minute" and then she yelled at me during the consultation and then did not speak to me at all but only speak to my husband in Cantonese--I walked out of that appointment in a hurry.

    My current OBGYN, well I refer to her as "the crabby lady." She is experienced, has credentials and has clients but she is about the meanest, old lady I've ever met. She's never "wasted" a smile on me even when she told me I was pregnant with my first baby. No congrats whatsoever and she said it with a tone like, "Shut the door on the way out." But, she is a bit cheaper than most other doctors and since I didn't have to have her at the birth of my baby (THANK GOD!) and I don't have insurance that covers seeing her, I can stand to go see her once a year for a pelvic exam.

    But, my son's doctor in Mei Foo is really great. Dr. Joseph Ma. Probably one of the kindest and gentlest doctors I've met. Never rushes us. Price is good and he does a good thorough job. Would recommend him any day.

    No one can beat my son's doctor in the States, though--he was terrific. But, needless to say, we don't see him often now. :0)

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    I m so right to have decided not to see J Pang when my daugther was a baby.

    It was back to 2003, my ob gave J Pang's name to the nurse in the operation theatre of Canossa right after my c-section without my consent. J Pang then poped up every morning during my stay in the hospital to tell me "Baby's fine" and rushed off. I genuinelly dislike his appearance. I simply know I m not going to see him again when I got his bill to find he charged me $3000 for each visit. I don't know he's famous. I just know he doesn't worth it.

    I joined the hospital's vaccine package. Where we met Dr Tam. He's nice and very famous.

    Before we switch to our family doctor, my daughter had a fever at her 9 months, and I brought her to Matilda after calling Dr Tam's clinic and he's appointments are full that day. Luckily we met Dr Richard Chiu who was a resident at Matilda. Dr Chiu is kind n gentle. We had a few flu shot at his clinic in Central since then. His nurse is very helpful and caring too. If I am giving birth at Matilda this Nov, I will definitely use Dr Chiu.

    I believe there are a lot of good local doctors, we are just a little bit unluck to have met J Pang.

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    Tsuen Wan

    I also went to Dr. Ma in Mei Foo on MLBW`s recommendation. He was really nice and gentle and easygoing. He took a sincere interest in my baby and was actually delighted just to hold him. Also, I had a vaccination there and a basic check up and I wasn`t charged for a consultation fee, which is actually quite reasonable. It`s just so nice to walk into a doctor`s office and be greeted by a warm smile.

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