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waking 3 wk at nite for a feed?

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    shuchisingh is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2008
    Hong Kong

    well my doc advised me not to wake up our baby in the night if he is sleeping at a strech. he has been sleeping 5-6 hrs at a strech from 4/5th week and his fully bf too.

    in the morning he feeds after every 3 hours... and i did wake him up to feed him in the mornings. he is now 10 weeks and his rythm is set.

    there is a lot of advice going around... why not ask your doc ? if it doesnt harm the baby (dyhdration etc) ... then no point mking night feeds a habit.

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    LLL_Sarah is offline Registered User
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    Most babies between birth and three months of age need to have between 8 and 14 feeds every 24 hours. If your baby is:

    • having at least six wet nappies every 24 hours,
    • at least two dirty nappies,
    • is gaining weight (we are looking for an average of 170 grams every week) and
    • the required number of feeds
    then it doesn't matter if she wants to sleep for four or five hours at a stretch.

    Most babies are not regular in their eating habits. They tend to have three styles of feeding every day:
    • a regular pattern - where they wake up and ask for feeds, say at 7:00 am, then at 9:30 am and then at 12: 00 noon
    • a longer sleeping stretch - where they sleep for three, four or maybe five hours in one go
    • a pattern where they are making up for the feeds they missed while asleep - this is officially called cluster feeding but I always think of it as a Chinese banquet. (Usually they make up for the feeds before they have the longer sleep).

    The only time to worry about a longer sleep stretch is when the baby is doing it after every feed. When this happens the baby will only be getting 5 or 6 feeds in the 24 hours and that is not enough.

    Best wishes,
    La Leche League Leader

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Thanks, Sarah. That is as informative as all your other posts =)

    I was just waiting for you to help out ;p

    makes me feel so much better about not waking my baby.

    so this works for on demand breastfed babies only, i guess? cos for formula feeding you have to feed them every 3-4 hrs?

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Tsuen Wan

    I see you're getting lots of advice. I won't give any since I myself heard and received so many conflicting advice about this subject. For my baby (now 11 weeks), I was pretty paranoid about making sure he ate every 3 hrs at least in the beginning. Now I wish I was a bit more easygoing, bc he gained weight almost too well (despite being 2 weeks early and solely BF). He rarely will sleep for those stretches of time even now. Consider yourself lucky - it's just a shame that you have to wake up anyway to pump, but I'm sure that will fix itself within a couple of months.
    I would just listen to your mother's intuition. You know your baby best, and you are already an experienced mother. Second, I'd then listen to the LCs.

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    HappyV is offline Registered User
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    May 2005

    Every baby is completely different. I would agree with Sarah - that if everything else is going OK, there's no need to worry about longer sleeps at night.

    Having breastfed two premmie babies, one of whom had a low birthweight, I hve always taken the approach that if you wake them to feed during the day as necessary, and leave them to sleep at night, then your baby starts to learn from day 1 that night is for sleep. As long as the weight gain is good, then you're OK. As long as the baby is alert, you're OK. And quite frankly, Sarah's advice will be more informed in regards to breastfeeding than most doctors or confinement 'nurses' - seeing as the vast majority of their clients would be formula feeding, whereas Sarah's focus is on BF babies.

    Sarah , as always, great post. :)

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