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curtain cord - tragic death

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    After reading all the posts, I think all parents here are good parents, but with different approach to protect their babies. It is good to know what others are doing in raising a kid, and through this we can enrich our own how-to-raise-a-kid bible.
    Personally I do check on my baby during his nap from time to time. We are not living in a huge castle, checking on him is just a few steps away, why not? Just try our very best to make sure he is alright, make sure he is well blanketed (my baby refuses to stay in a grobag), make sure he is not sleeping on his face down, etc. To provide a baby proof environment doesn't give me 100% peace in mind as you really never know about accidents. At nite, I will check on him usually once, sometimes twice ( am not a "deep sleeper", not sure if this is the right term) for the same reasons mentioned above. Well, being a mom is never easy, and that's why mothers are widely praised by all for our selfless love for our children.

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    The point isn't being personal about who does and doesn't check on their babies whilst they are asleep. The point is the posts saying that the helper should be charged because she didn't until the baby overslept. I think this is ridiculous and anyone saying that the helper should be charged needs some perspective - most parents don't constantly check their children whilst they are asleep. Why should the helper be charged for doing the same thing?

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    Agree jane01, it is our responsibility, not our helper's to ensure our homes are babyproof.
    My helper just does what I do, I don't check on my children after they have been put down for naps.
    I'm sure that this helper is devastated by what has happened, I know mine would be. Unfortunatley she has to live with the what if's for the rest of her life.
    There is nothing to say that this tradgedy couldn't have still happened if the child had been in the parents care.

    It's just a horrible incident, that hopefully others can learn from.

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