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Vitamin D

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    Vitamin D

    Hi All,

    I would like to know if some of you give their babies vitamon D supplement... I am asking this question because in FRance , this is compulsory and it is prescribed by doctor but I have asked mine and she said no need....

    Have a good day everyone...



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    We started giving our son cod liver oil before he turned 2, and I believe its a good source of Vit D. It has really helped build his immunity and I wish I had started taking it earlier.
    I think you can start at 12-months. Best to re-confirm with yr Dr.


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    I've been giving my baby Vit. D drops since he was about 6 months, and I would have started earlier if I had been able to find them. In the US it's not mandatory but highly recommended, I think for as long as the baby is BF. I think the idea is that once they are drinking milk, they will get vit. D. from that. Of course, milk is D-fortified in the US and I don't think it is here. I couldn't find any of the drops here so I have my mom send from the US.

    hope that helps!

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    The main source of Vitamin D comes from direct sunlight. In temperate climates, especially if you have darker skin, supplements of Vitamin D are often recommended. In the tropics and sub-tropics, such as Hong Kong, everyone (even very dark skinned people) get enough Vitamin D from the sunlight so it is not required to take supplements.

    In fact for people with pale skin they can get enough Vitamin D in a wet and cold English summer to last them through out the winter - so imagine how little sun exposure they need in Hong Kong's summer to get enough Vitamin D.

    Best wishes,

    La Leche League Leader

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    At my son`s 1 month check up, the pediatrician gave us these. I think they are fish oil(cod liver) - anyway, they`re pretty gross bc you have to open the capsule and squeeze the oil into the baby`s mouth, then your baby smells like fish. I didn`t finish the pack. Another doctor told me not to bother - just to take the baby out each day for 15 minutes or so in the sun - that`s all it takes supposedly.

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