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what do you think about HK people?

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    Little.gum is offline Registered User
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    what do you think about HK people?

    Recently, I have discussion with my friend that is HK people are materialistic driven and 92% of HK people are racist to mainlander? Do you think so?

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    Neha is offline Banned
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    Mid Levels, Hong Kong

    I think people in HK used to look down upon mainlanders a lot earlier but things have changed quite a bit since 1997 as mainlanders are the ones with a lot of cash who are spending in the stores.

    Regarding HK people being materialistic. I think a lot of people are and there is nothing wrong in wanting better things in life. If u work hard and earn good money why shouldnt u want better things. Yes I agree people in general can be less self involved but I think people in HK are no more materialistic than any other big city in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little.gum View Post
    Recently, I have discussion with my friend that is HK people are materialistic driven and 92% of HK people are racist to mainlander? Do you think so?
    In what ways are hk people being racists to mainlanders? Can you give some examples? I'm genuinely interest to know in what regards 92% of hk people look down upon the mainlanders...

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    i think that the older generation, as in my M-i-L et al. can look down on them. i know mine does...however, she just does it as a generalisation... i think as individuals, she doesn't have a problem with them...

    as to why they are looked down upon...judging from some of the behaviour i have seen at places like ocean park, GENERALLY speaking...
    many don't like to queue (when they do, they push and shove regardless of whether there is any place to go or if the person in front is struggling with a child or two)
    many spit all over the place (hkers do this too, just not to the same extent)
    they try to touch/play/give things to your babies without your permission

    many locals view people from the mainland as being uneducated barbarians.

    i KNOW this is not the case and hker's have the remarkable ability to forget where they/their parents/their grandparents originated. (my m-i-l is different as her family has been in hk for over 400 years).

    please do not think that i believe any of the above, but it is just what i've gathered over the years.

    i think it also depends on whether the mainlander has spent any amount of time overseas or you, hk2008, would be excluded from the above as you've spent so much time abroad, and are definitely well educated! LOL!

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    SyL is offline Registered User
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    Sheung Wan

    Just my observation...

    I live in Shanghai and a gathering with HK friends always results in criticizing the locals. But the locals don't like the HKers either.

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    aussiegal is offline Registered User
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    My HK friends insist on defining themselves as being 'from HK'. They do not want to be mistaken for being Chinese. They consider mainlanders less civilised and let's face it, most are. This is not a racist comment but a statement of fact. China has only started to get its act together and to offer better opportunities to its people in the last 10 years. If someone has never seen a toilet seat before you can't expect them to know how to use it yet this is the sort of standard that they are judged by. Give them some time.

    I also agree that HKers are materialistic and I think there is a difference between aspiring to a higher standard of living and being materialistic. In this town money talks and if you haven't got any forget about it. When I first arrived here I was horrified (seriously) by how many luxury shops and high end shopping centres there were. To me, when you see that many people carrying an LV bag it really detracts from its worth and interestingly since I've been in HK I've become less materialistic not more. This is a good thing I guess as we're here to save money not spend it!

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    pixelelf is offline Registered User
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    May 2008

    i once took a mini bus and a mom (local) with a young son chatted me up. i can't speak cantonese but can understand what she said and so replied to her in mandarin. she looked surprised and asked if i was local (which is haha refreshing, most days people think im the helper), i replied no, im from singapore. she lowered her head and told me in a small voice, that i should really learn to speak cantonese because hkers in general will give me shet if i spoke in mandarin, as they will think im from mainland. :S

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    MLBW Guest

    Along the lines of what carang was saying, HKers tend to consider Mainlanders as sort of the "cousins from the backwoods." HKers consider themselves pretty sophisticated--and they are.

    Most are decently educated, have traveled at least on holiday abroad and have an orderly way of going about things. They don't yell and shout at the waiter in the restaurant to get their attention (generally) but instead raise their hand and give a nod. Mainlanders do this sort of thing and it's no big deal to them. Northeasterners are pretty bad on this.

    I've lived in several places in Mainland China since 2002--living with Chinese families-- and have also lived in HK for awhile--where I am part of a Chinese family. Mainlanders can be pretty uncouth. One word to describe how they behave in HK is "garish." They kind of come strolling into town loaded with cash, wearing rhinestones and shoes with fur bobbles on them (for the ladies) or mis-fitting suits, playboy belt buckles and shiny pointed black shoes (for the guys)--everything head-to-toe mismatched--which they consider to be the peak of fashion (and IT IS in Mainland China). It's easy to spot most Mainlanders in HK even if they don't say a word. Or...they are coming from Disneyland which is sort of like Mecca for them.

    They speak loudly on the MTR and don't understand where their "bubble" ends and other peoples' "bubble" begins. Even though HKers get smashed up against each other on the MTR and buses, they sort of disengage and at least give off body language that tries to respect other peoples' space. Mainlanders don't. They do spit. They do scream at their kids and let their kids run wild. They don't queue up. And some Mainlanders give off a haughty attitude--like "So what? I'm rich and therefore I'm above you"--especially the ones who are only on tour here in HK or passing through--not the ones who are settling here.

    And I think that last part is probably the most infuriating to HKers. Because of Mainland China's recent (last 10-15 years) economic takeoff, now there is a brand new wealthy class. HK has long been a wealthy city so the people here have developed their own ways of displaying wealth in a manner they don't consider tacky. For them to see these overnight-millionaires come in here and act like they're "just as good" as HKers is sort of like a Chinese episode of the "Beverly Hill Billies."

    Now Mandarin is being really pushed in the school system so the younger generation of students at least have some interest in Mainland China and can speak Mandarin. The older generation never studied Mandarin in school when HK was under British rule so they tend to be more removed from Mainland culture.

    From what I've heard in conversation a lot of people take the attitude, "Fine, come here to Hong Kong, spend your money and then leave." Yes, Hong Kong wants Mainland tourism dollars but they aren't too keen (at least the public isn't) on just breaking down the wall between Shenzhen and Hong Kong and letting it become a free for all (which seems to be the way things are headed).

    I think I can see it a little bit from both sides. I have lived with Chinese families over a long period of time in Mainland China and grew to love them--even their quirks--and as it is with every country--you can never stereotype an entire group of people. My hosts are some of the most fabulous people I've ever met and I never once saw them spit in public. ;0) Now in Hong Kong, I can see how some Mainlanders act when they come here--they just are ignorant of HK customs--no one takes the time to give them a briefing on the differences between Mainland China and Hong Kong. Even if they were briefed they likely would just say, "C'mon, we're all Chinese, there is no difference" because as you may know, it is a common belief in China that if you are ethnically Chinese, though you may be born somewhere else your deepest desire is and should be to return to the Motherland even if this is not the case.

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