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Very Thin Uterine Lining Question

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    Very Thin Uterine Lining Question

    Hi Ladies,

    I hope someone can help me. I am TTC with baby number 1.

    I have recently finished the Diane 35 pill after a whopping 13 years on it (for my terrible teenage acne) so I know I shouldn't expect miracles right away. So far it has been 6 weeks with no period. Instead I have much unwelcomed weight gain and moods all over the place.

    The Dr did an ultrasound for me 8 weeks ago and said all looked fine except for very thin lining. Being a complete novice, I didn't think to ask "why"? and "is that normal"? and "is this going to get better?"

    So I need to ask you instead! I keep feeling as though I am about to get a period and yet nothing happens. I think it is nerves to be honest. I did a Clearview home pregnancy test (2 of them) both were negative.

    Does anyone have any information for me about this thin lining business? Is there anything I can do or just have to wait until it gets thicker?

    Thanks for any advice and insights.



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    hi jan
    i recommend that you head over to
    IVF Connections (general bb)
    Trying to Conceive - Home Page

    when an embryo is trying to implant, you should have a "triple stripe" lining, (three layers) and they should be around 1.8-2.2 or something like that if i remember correctly.

    acupuncture can help, but i also found women to be an excellent resource. you will likely get some answers on these boards, and certainly on the ones i listed above.

    good luck

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