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ocean park and strollers

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    ocean park and strollers

    Hi everyone. I haven't visited Ocean Park for many years now but thinking to take my 3yr old.

    How stroller friendly is the park? I'll definitely need to take a stroller since my son still naps in the afternoon. However I doubt he'll want to be strapped in all day so is there any place where I can safely leave the stroller for a few hours (like a left luggage)?

    One more thing, for some of the attractions like the Panda enclosure and the Atoll Reef aquarium - do they let you take strollers inside or do you have to leave them parked outside like Disney does?

    Thanks for any help on this.

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    It's fairly stroller friendly, but there are irritating steps in quite a few places, for example, on the way down from the cable cars (if you're coming back from the Headland to the near side of the park). You can ask staff to open the gates to the disabled ramp, but there have never been enough staff around when I've been there! The stairs are manageable though.

    Can't help with the "left luggage" question, I'm afraid.

    You have to leave the stroller outside for the Panda enclosure (but it's not a big exhibit and so fairly easy to walk it). You can take the stroller into the Atoll reef and the Sea Jelly exhibit, both of which are well worth a visit!

    My son is much younger, but personally, I wouldn't spend all day there- a few hours should be enough.


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    actually we went there last week and we took the stroller inside the panda enclosure they didnt stop us.

    Ocean park is not as stroller friendly as Disney but it is manageable , there are few steps especially if u go from lowland to where the aquarium is . Between those long escalators u have to carry the stroller a bit.

    Atoll reef u can take the stroller but it is dark inside and there are so many people that u will bump your stroller. It is better u make him walk and then carry him up to show him the fish

    Storage no idea. U can check with customer service

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    for the cable car, don't wait for staff, just let yourselves out. we do and have never had a problem.

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