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Age to start Primary School

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    Age to start Primary School

    Hi Just moving to HK and wondering if I should start My DD in primary this Sept or pre school. She turns 5 this Nov.

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    It really would depend on which school they attend.

    The local schools have 3 yrs of kindergarten so that they would start primary school at age 6.

    Some international schools and ESF have 2 yrs of kindergarten (sometimes also called nursery and reception year) and then start primary school at age 5.

    Most schools seem to enrol according to the child's birth year (dec cut-off so your DD would be on the of the younger kids), but I've also heard there are a few schools that require the child to be 5yrs by the time they start school in Sept (so your DD would start the following year).

    In any case, you would need to put in an application asap as most schools have already allocated places for this Sept.

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