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advice on labor induction/acupuncturist?

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    cutebear is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2009
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    Exclamation advice on labor induction/acupuncturist?

    Hi, I am almost 40 weeks and doctor told me that my baby is very big (more than 4kg) already and I show no sign of labor (ie the baby hasn't even engaged yet although I do feel some abdomen pressure). He suggested a induction with pitocin at around my due date rather than waiting for another one or two weeks because the baby is too big. I have heard many negative stories about labor induction with pitocin. Most ppl said it only leads to C sections especially if you are not even dilated before the induction.
    Does anyone have any advice? Also how is acupuncture work to induce labor? Does anyone have good recommendation on good acupuncturists?

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    MLBW Guest


    I don't know any acupuncturists in Hong Kong, sorry. But I used the following list when I was pregnant and went into labor on my due date. I also drank raspberry tea made from raspberry tea leaves, took evening primrose oil capsules and made sure to have a lot of sex (Hey! It's how babies are made isn't it?! Actually, there are chemicals in semen that "ripen" the cervix as well) and then went on really long walks. You can try the following list safely. Also doing pelvic rocking and squatting can also help to engage the baby. Good luck! At all costs, try to avoid being induced. It takes you from 0-60 (as far as contractions go) very quickly before your cervix has a chance to dialate--this causes a lot of pain and therefore you'll probably need major pain meds--and basically, once you have one intervention the chances of other subsequent interventions happening which can rapidly move toward a c-section (especially in c-section-happy-Hong-Kong). So, if your goal is to avoid all these, you are totally on the right track by seeking natural alternatives first.

    Natural Labor Induction Techniques

    Three points are commonly used to stimulate labor and the first two are also linked to relief of migraine headaches:

    Hoku (Large intestine 6): Located deep in the webbing between either hand?s thumb and forefinger; in between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones. Stimulation of this point has been known to begin labor, enhance contractions during labor and in non-pregnant females, bring on menstruation several days early. Also may relieve pain from migraine.

    Chih-yin (Bladder 67): Located approximately 1/10? behind the lateral corner of the smallest toe?s nail of either foot. Stimulation of this point has been known to relieve labor pains and migraine discomfort.

    San-yin-chiao (Spleen 6): Placing your left hand on your right leg with your pinkie finger just above the interior ankle bone, the lateral tibia is located just under where you index finger lies. You may utilize both points simultaneously by placing a thumb on each point as shown.

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    I would wait, induce with Pitocin without dilation indeed has a higher chance of failing (and ending up with a c/s). Your baby could be too big for your pelvis so you could end up with one anyway, never know. Also your baby may not be that large as estimated. Especially later in pregnancy estimates can be off (and I assume it's an u/s estimate b/c external measuring can be really tricky and very different per person). My oldest was over 4kg, born 9 days late (I went into labor myself). I was dilated 1 cm for 4 weeks (from 37 weeks onwards) without change. I don't believe in "too big". I had several friends who had 4.5-5 kg babies, didn't tear, etc. and I know people who had 3 kg babies and did tear. Mine was 4.2 and I had 4th degree tearing, and I tore again with the twins who were 3.5 kg a piece. Too big is very personal, it really depends on your body. Any chance for your doc to strip your membranes?

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    carey is offline Registered User
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    Hi all, I guess this is the right thread that I can ask this question. My situation is different from cutebear.

    My doctor is considering to induce me between week 38 to 39. This is my first, I would like to get some suggestions from this forum ( don't mean to steal you thread cutebear. I thought it's better than starting a new one)

    My situation is like this. I am 32 weeks now and my fetus weights 4.6 pounds. According to my OB, he is measured two weeks ahead. We live in the Mainland in a city two hours drive from the hospital (We have a boarder car ourselves, so we just drive from door to door, which is easier for me if I go into labor).

    So, taking all of these into consideration, my initial plan was to have an elective C-section which would give us a peace of mind in terms of timing. We can't imagine how chaotic and dangerous it would be rushing through traffic and acrossing the boarder to the hospital if I go into early labor. ( Although I've read in this forum some brave mothers have done a two hour drive when in labor and I also know for the first one, baby won't come out quite few hours after in labor ).

    My Ob encouraged me to deliver naturally. I told her about my initial plan and the reasons for it she respect it and agreed to the plan.

    Then I found out from out insurance that they WON'T cover an elective C-section. They would only pay 100% for an natural delivery and they would only cover a 100% emergency c-section. If I have an elective C-section, they would only pay for the cost for natural delivery.

    Well, we accepted it and prepare to pay for the extras for this elective C-section. Besides, we thought the doctor wouldn't like us changing our mind about the birth plan.

    Anyway, when I see my Ob the last time, she asked again if I have changed my mind about which way to deliver. I told her about the insurance situation and she said she understands it. She said that since I have Gestational diabetes, my hormone might be out of control on week 40 and that's bad for the baby and the mother. They might have to induce me during 38 to 39 weeks even if I have not chosen C-section. But, if the baby is too big, it makes natural birth difficult and if induce labor fail, they would have to perform emergency C-section. She said in the next few weeks we can decide together what to do is the best option.

    Anyway, I learned a bit about what induce labor is like from this thread and I just want to see if anyone have such experience.

    Thank you for sharing.

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    MLBW Guest

    Ladies! Don't put too much stock in your OB being able to accurately predict your baby's weight while he/she is in your womb--they are usually dead wrong! And it is a total fallacy that your "pelvis will be too small for the baby to fit through"--your pelvis is meant to move and widen during labor to allow the baby to fit through--the baby also "twists and contorts" to move through the pelvis. So, unless you're giving birth to an 8-kilo baby or something, it's most likely that your pelvis is just as wide as it needs to be. Even if you are petite and do not have wide hips--those hips move. With the right position in labor (squatting and not lying flat on your back) you'll be able to push out a bigger baby than any of the "modern" OB's will tell you.

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    Gianna Buonocore at IMI is very experienced in acupuncture to bring on labour. worked for me - definitely give her a try.

    IMI - Integrated Medicine Institute

    i also second what MLBW has said above - Drs in HK seem overly obsessed with big babies in the womb and are often so wrong. I have friends who were induced due to the baby being 'too big' and they delivered very average 7lb babies.

    I was able to deliver my 4.2kg ( 9lb 2 oz) baby naturally without a single tear or even a graze.

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    piper is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2008

    Hi Aussie mom,

    Can I ask how many sessions did you have to do with Gianna for it to work. Also, how far along were you? or were you overdue?


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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    May 2005
    Hong Kong

    second gianna from IMI.

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