Suv and Shenzhennifer - Thanks for your advice. A lactation consultant came to help me this afternoon and she fixed my latch. She said that I had plenty of milk, but that I had some blocked ducts because my baby's latch wasn't quite right. She helped me unblock the ducts (and boy did that hurt) and taught me the right way to have my baby latch on. So hopefully, things will go better now. She also told me that my baby may be extra fussy because he has some gas in his stomach.

crystal88 - I told the lactation consultant that sometimes my baby sleeps for 4 hours during the night and she said that is ok. But during the day, he should feed every 2-3 hours. She told me, which I have already mentioned on this thread before, that signs that the baby is getting enough milk are that he is gaining weight, having 6-8 wet diapers a day and at least 2 poos a day.