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Dr. Joe Chan

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    CherA is offline Registered User
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    Dr. Joe Chan

    Hi all, anyone tried Dr. Joe Chan for delivery experience? He is husband to Dr. Cora Ngai and they share the same clinic. I've been seeing him for prenatal visits and find him quite patient and approachable, and always answers my questions. Does anyone know if he is pro-natural birth?

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    bart is offline Registered User
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    Joe Chan just delivered my baby gal 2 weeks ago. There were some complications after my water broke first and baby's heart rate was irregular. He adviced us to go for a C-sec but knowing that we really wanted vaginal birth, he suggested trying to induce first but did warn us that the possibility of a success is not high. Surprisingly I dilated fully within 2 hrs and even though the baby has not descended yet, he managed to suctioned her out whilst i pushed.

    He was very patient and reassuring during the whole process. I overheard the nurses complaining about us wanting to try induction and predicting that I will still need to do a C-sec eventually but Dr Chan was supportive enough to respect our wishes even though he knew it might take up to 24 hours.

    he told me most of the deliveries he does are vaginal birth and he does encourage it if the mother/baby's condition allows for it. My husband and I are both very grateful for his work. Also, he stitched up my wound really carefully, not afraid to take his time to make the stitches nice and close together and i think i healed nice and fast partly bcoz of that.

    I had a wonderful experience with Dr Chan and would recommend him to anyone.

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    chichi is offline Registered User
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    Dr Chan is definitely pro-natural. He delivered my girl 3 years ago by C-section because of breech. He did offer the option of ECV before the surgery. His surgical technique is very good and we are happy with him as our doctor.

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    laureninhk is offline Registered User
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    fees question

    I'm wondering if anyone understands why it is $45K for delivery if I get a private room, and $25K for the same service if I get a semi-private room. Why is Dr. Chan charging different fees when the delivery happens in the delivery room? Is anyone else getting different fee quotes like this?

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    maggiecxq is offline Registered User
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    yeah.. i have always wondered about the same question..

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    howardcoombs is offline Registered User
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    Same reason the hospitals charge different amounts for the same medicine :: depending on which type of ward you are staying in. The reason is == because they can.

    Its quite hard to do with hospitals, but very easy to do with Doctors and Anesthetist :: Dont be shy and negotiate!

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    AudreysMom is offline Registered User
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    It's a common practice for doctors to charge more depending on the room (even though the medicine and service is the same). My friend's OB does the same thing.

    I am currently 7 months pregnant with my second baby, and Dr. Joe Chan is delivering my baby at the Sanitorium via C-Section. (note this is JOE YM CHAN not Joseph Chan, another OB). Dr chan does more natural deliveries, and seems to be very respectful of patient's wishes. In my case, I specifically requested C-Section because complications with my first and I don't want to experience that again.

    So far, I'm very impressed with him. He has always been available when I needed him within 24 hours, usually responding to me through email within a few hours. Haven't had any emergencies, just basic questions and concerns. I have a lot of questions and he always takes the time to answer them. Obviously I haven't delivered yet so as far as his service during delivery, I can't comment. will share my delivery experience after the baby is born in November! Waiting period during office visits are not usually that long. at most I've waited 10 minutes. Although he has a lot of expat patients, I also noticed a lot of mainland Chinese patients.

    Overall, the feeling i get is that he is a competent, professional, and pro-patient doctor.

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    janiceheng is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2011

    Quite disappointed with him. I had second miscarriage and wish to have a total check up. I have been visiting him since every time I was pregnant. So, I thought he would be the doctor I should go to in order to have the checkup for the reason of miscarriages. However, I scheduled a date with him on the day I was diagnosed with the miscarriage for the checkup and had my husband to come along as he needed to be check for the chromosome as well. Dissapointedly, when we arrived, he wasn't ready, the lab was closed and some of the tests have to check instantly. We can't do it. We were asked to come in on another day. Considerably, my husband is busy, it is very hard for him to travel all the way from Guangzhou to hong kong.I feel very disappointed plus already feel helpless for having multiple miscarriages. Furthermore, I have double reminded the nurse to inform the doctor to notify the doctor about the purpose for my visit and I also have sent him an email as a confirmation. Not only the visit ended no outcome with but also I had to paid 800 for the consultation fee for nothing. Overall, I was dissapointed. Friend of my who used to have fertility issue in the past reccomended me dr Philip Ho. I think I will need to go to him.

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