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If this doesn't describe the Hong Kong mom scene...

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    mumto2, I find your comments very rude and insulting to women (including some very close friends of mine) who really tried their best to exclusively breastfeed but were not able to for a variety of reasons. Quite frankly you sound like you had a "dream run" breastfeeding and you don't seem to have any sympathy for what many other women go through.

    And before you ask, I did exclusively breastfeed. I managed to exclusively breastfeed not because I "did it properly" but because I was lucky that an experienced lactation consultant could help me with the problems I was having.

    On the issue of whether or not bottle feeding is lazy. I have to say that (once my initial problems were sorted out) breastfeeding was very easy. Once you have the hang of it, it's much easier just to whip out the boob than than it is sterilise bottles, stress about what formula to buy, work out how to get formula reheated on planes etc etc...

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    Don't sit there on your high horse pretending to know who I am and whether or not I am being condescending or having a private joke with a poster who I think is obviously intelligent enough to know the difference! And how very very sad that you choose to believe that a winking sign was there to demonstrate condescension rather than what it was - what a sad half-empty glass you have.

    The facts are 96% of women are able to breastfeed without any difficulties.

    You are not seriously trying to blame Hong Kong are you? And yet again with the "big number", "the % is whole lot higher" arguments. Well in MY experience its a WHOLE LOT lower than 4% that cannot breastfeed! And I was quoting (thereabouts on %) a FACT! So who is right???

    How difficult is it to ignore posts you find offensive or confusing? People do it every day. If you were confused, perhaps a personal message could have rectified that? You seem hell-bent on nit-picking the parts of my message that you disagree with and ignore the numerous parts where I have said I have NO judgement about what mothers feed their children. But you seem to be confused as to whether or not you wish to take the things I say as serious or not - or are you just trying to pick the parts out that help you win your argument? Would you prefer me to say I actually judge mothers? Would that make you feel better? Because that would be a lie yet you seem to have no problem whatsoever in judging me and thinking you know who I am.

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