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Maternity pay for flexi hours

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    Maternity pay for flexi hours

    Hi, my wife is due soon and we are unsure about maternity pay. My wife works for an educational centre which offer her hours at the centre as well as a school which she is placed at. She has worked there continuously for over 3 years. Her contract for the school expires 3 days before she is due but the work at the centre is continuous. She is currently only doing 8 hours a week at the centre (was previously 13) and she does 16 hours at the school. She does not have a set wage per month as she is paid hourly. What would she be entitled to?
    We know about the 4/5 rule but seen as there is no set amount per month how would we work out the maternity pay?

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    i think it's 4/5 of average daily rate of preceding 12 mths

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    If she is paid based on the number of hours she works, it's not likely that she'll have any pay when she goes on maternity leave as she won't be working. It's quite common on such a contract.

    However, if it's a "generous contract", then it'd be 4/5 of her last drawn salary.

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    Call the Labour Department to double check, but I think that you have to work 18 hours per week to have rights such as maternity leave and maternity pay under the Employment Ordinance.

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