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View Poll Results: Will you let your child attend Nursery / Did your child attend Nursery?

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    83 76.15%
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    11 10.09%
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    15 13.76%
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Nursery or not?

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    yonge is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2003
    Hong Kong

    My elder attends Singapore International School - no other pre-school required for those entering at the PY1 (equivalent to HK's K2) level. He had gone to playgroup and nursery when we lived in Singapore, but I think the PY1 syllabus to paced with the assumption that one did not attend any other classes. The SIS PY1 interview was also very non-threatening. I only told my son that he was going to meet some people who would want to get to know him better, now that he's moved to HK, and that he should feel free to ask questions as well. He bounded out happily after the interview, telling me that they asked him a total of six questions, four of which were "getting to know you" questions and two was asking the child to describe a couple of pictures that they were shown. I have no experience with any other type of local/international school as we did not consider them.

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2008
    South District

    i know at HKIS they say it doesn't make a difference if they attend pre-nursery (PN) or not. i guess whether your student interviews well is not about what you learn but whether or not your child sees / interacts enough with "strangers" to act naturally in a foreign situation. my daughter won't be attending PN till 3years old and I think it should be fine

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    FionaN is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2009

    I had my doubt, but I am 100% pro nusery a working mum...i think it much better for kids to spend time in Nusery with trained professional and other kids then at home with a helper.

    I send my daughter to Caritas when she is 2, it amazing to see how much she enjoy it.....she first start for half day, then she start crying when I pick her up during lunch time, because she want to stay in school with the other kids (Caritas is full day nusery) I decided to keep her there full day after 4 months.

    Within one week she start her full day nusery, she is toilet train and quit her pacifier in the same week.... All thanks to the school teachers... (i have been trying to train her myself at home, it never work !)

    To happily,

    I send my daughter to Caritas nusery as it close to home, and she is accepted by both ESF and Small World...

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